Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Benjamin shares a love for ALL the rides at Disney with his Daddy! Neither guy can get enough!!

Claire shares a love for animals with her Daddy...they both are magnets for all dogs, seeming to call them to our house by stepping outside!

Cate likes everything her Daddy does -- she has had him tightly wrapped around her little finger since the moment of her birth (and she knows it!)!

Mason and his Daddy have minds that think alike -- they never meet a challenge they can not find a way to overcome!

We are blessed to have this Daddy who loves his kiddos so! Happy Father's Day, Wade!!

And for me and my brothers, I have to add that Father's Day is also a day of remembering. A day to remember the man who -- just like his son-in-law -- loved his kids, loved playing with us, loved teaching us, loved loving us. We miss him so but are so thankful we will see him again one day -- because of the legacy of faith he gave us! (And yes, that is me in the photo above, with my brother, Talley, and our Dad!)

Fathers are a blessing -- if you are like me, and can't hug your own, find one to celebrate today and thank him for all he does for his family!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Ah, lovely post my friend. Happy Father's Day (belated) to Wade! Love you tons!