Thursday, October 25, 2018

From my gate in the Philly airport.

The airport might be my favorite place to people-watch. And people-watching is definitely one of my favorite things.

Today, I observed a little teeny tiny baby in a stroller. Bazillions of people were all around her -- I say bazillions, it was the security line so honestly it might be more! ;) -- but this little doll baby only had eyes for her mommy. Those eyes were locked in watching mom's every single move. I couldn't help but wonder if mom knew how fast those eyes would find the rest of the world. I couldn't help but wonder if she was desperate for a moment alone -- a bathroom break even -- where she didn't have little eyes watching her. I wanted to hug her gently and encourage her exhausted spirit.

The one in bazillion in line right in front of me had tattoos on every visible surface. I will admit that I was mesmerized trying to read the words behind each ear (One said "Love to hate" and the other "Hate to love.") but it was the spider web all over the back of his ear that fascinated me most. Ouch. I was wondering what drives someone to cover every surface when he turned around and asked where I was going. I laughingly asked if he could tell I had been reading every tattoo on his head....he couldn't but admitted that he often forgets and then asks people what the **** they are looking at? I was rather glad he hadn't felt my eyes. We had a lovely talk about the choices  and if the spider web was painful (It was.). The conversation was as colorful as the tattoos on his head and neck and I might have cringed a bit (I can't help it. I think there are enough words in the English language to avoid a couple....) and then he looked me straight in the face and asked if I could see the tattoos looking at him straight on. I could but just barely and just the ones at the edge of his face. He told me his mama told him to do that. "She said, 'Leave your face, clean, son'" he explained, "And I've always listened to my mama." 

And suddenly the two people I had been observing while waiting in the line, didn't seem so far apart. 

Oh mamas, those little eyes are watching us, they are. And though, I promise, you will eventually get to the bathroom alone (I have been told this anyway), your child will keep his eyes on you and your influence for far longer than you imagine!

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