Thursday, April 6, 2017

Shooting straight.

Today I was asked to provide a photo that I took a long time ago. I had to drag out my external hard-drive -- the one I guard with my life because it has so many old photos stored on it -- and dig around until I found the requested photograph. You might imagine what digging through old photos during THIS my trio's birthday month did to me...I spent a large amount of time scrolling, skipping, and jumping down memory lane. Sigh.

But today, it wasn't cute adorable toddler pics that captured my attention. Today, it was a summer of very hard, a season of emotional, and as I look back from here, a year that really grew us and changed us all.

You were here for it -- Benjamin's spine surgery. I shared all the feelings -- from my sadness when we realized how bad his spine had gotten to our highs and lows of recovery.

3-D scan of how bad his scoliosis had become.

Even here you can see how far he is leaning. We were zooming into his upcoming surgery that month and the weight of the unknown was heavy.

We had his x-rays in November and knew he required surgery. He didn't want to miss his spring theatre show and asked that we wait until after production. This night -- the last of the "Seussical" run -- the crew dedicated the show to Benjamin. I was a blubbering mess.

I kept this photo on my phone for the longest. My birthday lunch, just days before surgery. I was hanging on to my crew with all that I had. If I could have frozen time right here, I really would have. I was so desperate for the next week to go away.

Sent to us from the operating room -- we knew immediately the success the surgery was providing! Before and after spine shots!

Hanging on to my boy in the recovery room. 

And my goodness, these three were amazing. Surgery for one child does not only affect the patient, and the parents. No, these three felt the full weight of being afraid for their brother, of not knowing what the recovery would look like, and being sad for us all to be apart during the hospital stay. But let me assure you that these three were Benjamin's biggest cheerleaders. His whole demeanor changed when they came for visits. They kept the home running, and kept us smiling. And were overall simply rockstars!

Celebrating three months post surgery!!

So as we sail toward their 20th birthday -- I can't help but beam with pride in the young adults these three have become. Their childhood was not filled with ONLY cute pictures and matching outfits -- they went through some serious challenges. But those challenges brought character -- for all four of my crew. And I am thrilled to be in their cheering section as they enter this new decade!!

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