Monday, April 10, 2017

Brothers and sisters.

Apparently, today is National Sibling Day. Siblings.

My babies don't know a world without siblings. Benjamin jokes that the minute and a half before Mason was born was the best time of his life. And we all laugh. But I will tell you that these three have had their own way of communicating, of finishing each other's sentences, and of defending each other since the moment they were born.

It is really so much fun to watch. 

But why would we stop there? We decided when the triplets were eight that maybe another sibling would mix things up a bit.

And Cate has done just that. She has given us a different focal point. She has taught us that it's ok to try the unexpected. She has shown us that even the baby can take up for her big kids.

She has evened our boy to girl ratio -- bringing balance to our force!

She has taught us how to try new things -- from fishing to softball. 

The truth is, my girls have carried a super-sized load of sibling-hood. They have walked with their brothers through dark valleys and cheered them through incredible victories. Gratefully, that hasn't been a one-sided street -- they boys are the loudest cheerleaders for their sisters. I am just so grateful.

So as we zoom to the 20th birthday of my original three -- I am thanking God for these siblings.

I am thanking Him for the relationship they have always enjoyed and praying for their relationship as they continue to grow and pursue their own dreams.

Happy Sibling Day 2017!

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