Saturday, August 15, 2015

I might need pom-poms.

The orientation leaders were lined up on the steps to the chapel cheering with each student who passed through their tunnel of enthusiasm. The tone was welcoming. The atmosphere was electric with excitement and welcome and cheer.

And we were working to get a side entrance door -- one that didn't have stairs -- to open.

Benjamin's spirits weren't dampened. Not a bit. But I couldn't help but turn a pouty face to my husband and say, "I want him to have the rah rah. He deserves the rah rah too."

Deep deep pouty-face sigh.

I promise the pouty was short-lived. The president stopped to shake Benjamin's hand and meet Wade and I. Were all our needs being met, he inquired. Of course. I said. His staff has been fabulous.

And that is the absolute truth. I could not have hand-picked a more lovely team of professors, administrators and students for this, Benjamin's first year of college. I am so excited about his major that I may beg them to let me take classes too. And if you are looking for me and can't find me, I am probably sitting in a rocking chair enjoying the breathtakingly sweet campus. I am so so excited for him.

And as we sit here on this cusp of all things changing -- Benjamin starts first. Mason moves in Friday and then Claire on Saturday. I was probably -- most definitely -- hyper-emotional today. But man, oh man, I want the Rah Rah for Benjamin. I want him to be able to walk up the stairs on that college campus. I want him to be able to move in to a dorm room without me having to move heaven and earth. I would even deal with the emotions of the "Family Farewell" that is marked on my Welcome Week app (did you know these amazing colleges have apps??) for tomorrow.

Really.  I would be serving up cake for a full-on pity party right now except for two things:

Dr. Parrott, president of Belhaven spoke about the mission of his university, "To Serve, Not to be Served."  And oh there was conviction there. Suddenly, my dream for Benjamin to have the "Rah Rah" seems to be less important than Benjamin actually being the Rah Rah for other students. Ah. Yes.

And as always, the main reason I won't wallow: Benjamin, himself. He is super-excited about his classes, his department, his major. He actually thinks having this first year to get adjusted to campus and his classes while living at home, is a perfect plan. He can wait until next year to jump through the necessary hoops to live on campus, he says. He absolutely thinks this is ideal.

My blasted paradigm. My blasted pouty face. My amazing kid. He teaches me something every day.

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