Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The tale of two shoes. Or six. Or eight. Who is counting really?

Once upon a time -- what seems like a very very short while ago -- a little girl was growing up as the only sister in a set of really adorable triplets.

Much was made about the brothers' shoes. Oh mercy. There were braces, and special socks. Extra-wide shoes. Shoes that didn't look 14 sizes too big -- even though they WERE in fact 14 sizes too big to fit over the braces.

But sweet little girl didn't need the special socks. She didn't need the special braces. She didn't need special shoes.

Oh wait a minute. YES, she did.

Sweet little girl really really really NEEDED to wear Ruby Red Slippers. Every. Single. Day.

And so she did.

For years, cute little sister would wear the glitter right off of those ruby reds forcing another purchase. 

Regardless of what it seems like, it actually has been a few years since my sweet girl packed up her last pair of Ruby Red Slippers and opted for a more useful shoe variety. Sigh.

But yesterday....well, yesterday she did the coolest thing: she asked if we could buy a cheap pair of shoes and turn them into Ruby Red Slippers for her senior pictures.

And in an effort to turn back the clock even just a smidge, I set off with her for our nearest thrift store.

We found the perfect red shoes. Heels, no less. Though sweet girl giggled that she might need walking lessons. And we came home and began the transformation:

Half before, half after....

 It was so much fun that I might take to only wearing Ruby Red Slippers from here on out. I mean, who knew that you could transform $6 shoes so completely?!

We will add the second coat tonight!!

And the baby girl of the family could not resist making a thrifty purchase all her own!

"Mom, these ALREADY have glitter!!" She shrieked! And that heel. Sweet mercy that heel! 

They are way way too big. And I mean both the shoe and the heel! But can I tell you how my Little Red has pranced around in them all day? All day.

And because I know how fleeting childhood is -- I will let her. I will let her wear them with her pajamas. I will let her wear them to do school (benefits of homeschooling, y'all!) and I will even -- oh goodness don't miss this -- smile from ear to ear when I walk into her room and see that she has cleared her nightstand off completely in order to have these as a decorative piece.

"Oh Mama, they make me smile to look at them!"

Once upon a time two little girls taught a Mama that sometimes a little glitter and a pair or two of shoes can go a long long way in bringing giggles, in making memories and um, in decorating rooms! (Think the boys would let us glitter their shoes?)

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