Monday, January 5, 2015

Football, the Flu and 2015!

 We've started the new year over here with the flu. So far, only my little Red has a confirmed case but her sister doted on her while I was away so she has been feeling rather poorly too. I am treating them both and further pre-medicating the boys in an attempt to STOP them from also acquiring the yuck.

Basically, what I am saying is the year 2015 has started with a bang at my house. I am guilt-ridden over the fact that I never took the kids in for their annual flu vaccine to start with. I am always hyper-diligent about those stupid shots in an effort to keep Benjamin -- who just can't fight respiratory stuff very well -- healthy. But somehow we went straight from August to December this year. I have no idea where the months in the middle disappeared and so I failed to get my crew their vaccinations.

Then, oh then, I flew to Miami with my guy to watch our beloved Bulldogs in the Orange Bowl. We opted for an adults-only trip because the airline tickets were cost-prohibitive and we literally flew down, watched us lose (big big sigh) and turned around and flew home. But of course, my little Red would come down with a fever while I was in an airplane somewhere over Oklahoma-ish. We landed in Denver and as I called to check on my crew, snow was falling, she was sick and I was panicked that we would not get home.  We finally got to our house in the wee hours of the morning on Jan. 2 and rushed baby girl to the doctor by lunchtime when she felt like she couldn't breath. Dear doctor confirmed our fears -- sweet little Red has the flu.

And Mama has a lot of guilt.

And so as I am sitting here tonight sorting the photos of the holiday season, I found these from Thanksgiving. The reality of trying to secure a "picture perfect" photo is hilarious to me tonight.

Motherhood is a lot like this photo session with my little family. I can lose my focus. I can get tickled, bemused, and distracted.

My constant prayer is a plea for God to stand in the gaps of my imperfection.

And this year, this brand new, just out-of-the-box year, I am seeking God's face to become more focused on what matters, more alert to the needs of my people, and more aware of being fully engaged and present with these whom I have been entrusted.

I won't get it perfect. I will forget things, no doubt. But I am here asking God to stand in the middle of 2015 and fill it to overflowing with His grace, goodness and His perfection. I am asking Him to remain not just in the gaps but in all the spaces, every single space.

And dear ones, I am asking Him to do the same for you!

Happy New Year!!

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