Thursday, October 23, 2014

High Five for Counting!

Once upon a time when Mason set up this little blog for me (way back in 2008), I made the mistake of labeling posts with the child's name that the post was about. Oh for the love of mercy, would you believe these children keep tabs on who has the most. Try as I might to convince them sheer numbers aren't always a good thing -- I blog a lot when one of them has surgery for instance -- they still insist. So knowing that I am totally skewing the number for Benjamin this week, I must share another email about that dear boy (Sorry Mason and Claire!)

Botox (Botulin Toxin) is used in children with Cerebral Palsy as a non-surgical means to fight the spasticity of their muscles. Benjamin and Mason have had Botox in their legs, arms and hands all in an effort to remove the tightness of those areas. Often, children are sedated for Botox injections but my boys have never been sedated for those. As a matter of fact:

June 22, 2001 -- "Benjamin flinched when the first needle went in, telling the doctor to hurry and get it out; flinched less for the second and then told the doctor, 'Thank you. Now, let's go, Mommy!' when the procedure was over. He is an amazing kid."

Benjamin was four years old and these injections were in his hands.

"Benjamin told Dr. Nash, 'I need botox so I can say give me five.' We won't know if it has any effect for a few days to a couple of weeks and even then therapy is key -- so please keep praying! It's the little things -- and this kid wants to be able to say 'give me five' and turn his hand, palm up!"

Often we have to do things -- Botox, surgery, therapies -- for reasons that are not motivational for Benjamin at all. But this day -- this day in 2001, enduring the big needle for the Botox injection was well worth it to my son. Why? Because telling a friend he did a good job, giving him a high five, is something this child felt -- and feels -- passionate about.

I don't know about you, but I am pretty sure Benjamin has a good handle on counting what counts.

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