Friday, October 24, 2014

Counting pots and pans.

Day 24 of my 31 day writing challenge -- I can not believe I am within striking distance of finishing the challenge. I may or may not be running out of emails! And really, have I thanked you enough for sticking with me?

January 8, 1999 -- "Wade's dad gave the kids a little kitchen, and they love it. Then Santa brought Claire some pots and pans (because she pulls all mine out constantly). Today she and Mason played and played at that kitchen. She would stir and say, 'cook, cook' and then 'bite' while she stuck the spoon in mine, Mason's and Benjamin's mouths! It was hilarious! Benjamin is into cars and got several for Christmas so he's playing with them. Poor Mason had a hard time deciding where to play so he went back and forth from kitchen to cars (all of two feet apart! ha). We were all a sight I'm sure. Won't you and Rhet come join us?"

Every day was not filled with therapy. Some days we were able to stay home and just play. Those were my favorite days.

When we were home pulling out every pot and banging every pan, it was so easy to just count my blessings. When we were home, I was astounded by the wonder of these three little gifts. When we were home, I didn't even notice the things that made them different because at home those things didn't matter and were not as obvious.

But keeping them home would be like hiding a light under a basket. These three were born to shine. They were born to make the world warmer, brighter and yes, more accessible for all.

So I won't count the pots that are bent and irreparable (or even all those rusty things she seems to be finding), instead I'll count the wonder of watching them change the world!

Carol - The Blessings Counter