Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, Little Red!!

It is birthday week at our house. And if you have been around here at all, you know I get mushy, sappy and completely ooey-gooey when my crew celebrates their birthdays.

Baby girl will be 8 years old on Nov. 9. Eight. I can hardly believe it and really really wish I could slow the clock down just a bit.

Wade and I were certain our little family was complete after the triplets were born. Oh, I talked a big talk after they hit the 18 month mark -- "Sure, we could do this again, I have a system!"

I mean really, from the day the trio were born, we had been in zone coverage. We never were able to go could four, five or even six kids (the docs thought we would have multiples again.) be that much harder?? Wade was not completely convinced. :)

Then we learned we were expecting just weeks before the triplets turned eight. I was at once thrilled and absolutely scared to death. But oh, the thrilled part so easily won that battle. I was beyond excited. 

A few months into the pregnancy, we were discussing her name with a stranger and I said she would be Catherine Grace....I explained that I really just wanted a Cate but that the Grace was because she was a God-given gift that we didn't which 8-year-old Claire piped up, "My mom maybe didn't deserve her, but I do! I've been asking God for her my WHOLE life!!"

And when this little gift was born, we were all certain that God was smiling on us -- that He was in fact giving us exactly what we had been asking for. 

God heard our prayers. He sent us the little redhead that shifted the entire focus of our family. Not that we drastically changed life -- but she gave us a new perspective on the struggles, a new perspective on childhood, a chance to experience joys of each step of childhood through new eyes.

From her toddler years, she has been an advocate for her brothers -- climbing out of her high chair at 2 to wipe ice cream from Benjamin's chin; almost punching a boy at 4 who said her brother was weird. She accepts and loves. And her love will educate the world.

She is her sister's biggest fan. Oh, she fusses about the things that sisters fuss about. But no body else better criticize her Claire! I watched them walk together this weekend and couldn't help but smile that God gave them each other to walk with side-by-side through life. 

I am so grateful that God sent us our triplets plus one. That little plus one makes us laugh and keeps us young.

Because I have three 16-year-olds, I know how fast this childhood thing goes. Cate has allowed us all to slow down and savor the little parts of childhood -- wearing Cinderella slippers to the mall, or a Spiderman suit to dinner, mixing muffins and making a mess, and jumping in the pool in our clothes just because it makes us giggle. 

I knew from the moment we learned we were expecting that her birth was going to be a gift, but I had no idea. No idea.

Cate as Nancy Drew....for her birthday party invitations!!

Happy happy birthday, my darling girl! You are a gift beyond measure and I am eternally grateful that God picked me to be your Mommy!! Oh what a blessing you are!! I love you so!


Natalie Busch said...

Aww, this is precious. I have similar feelings about my youngest. I was never and scared after just learning about my daughters special needs diagnosis, but he is a gif that was exactly what we all needed!