Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not complete answers...but a few.

Ambiguity is not my middle name. I prefer to just pour it all out there and let you squirm along with me at the gruesome details. If I am going to share -- well, I am going to share. It is what I do.

But this is my boy -- who is more a man than a boy these days. This is my 15-year-old who doesn't want me sharing all the gruesome details....and as much as I love need to unload, it isn't my story to tell.

So, I have been ambiguous. Forgive me.

With his permission, I can give a few more details. More details because we need your continued prayer coverage. Please.

Mason has been struggling with some G.I. (Stomach) issues for years -- since we moved here seven years ago actually. Early tests at that time showed little sign for concern and so we have tried various things over the years to make it subside -- all to no avail. But for the last month, the problem has turned acute. Acute. And those are the details I won't go into -- but trust me when I say, the fact that he has continued to smile, participate in life and function is a pretty big deal. Big.

Today, he had two scopes to determine the problem and the solution.

The problem is chronic. Ulcerative Colitis. I heard the doctor. I knew his suspicions ahead of time but it still felt like he was speaking through a foggy veil.

As I formulated questions -- can you fix it? Yes, with medication. Medication today and then when the problem is resolved he stops? No, medication forever. Forever? Yes.

I quit formulating questions. I want to know so much. But I made the mistake of googling it last week. I don't want to know all of that.

The funny thing about being the mother -- I was joking around with Mason in the pre-op room. I was able to joke around with him in recovery. I was able to look on the bright side with him and brainstorm about the biggest sub-sandwich known to man to satisfy his hunger.

But for about two minutes in that waiting room, the complete exhaustion for him just washed over me. I had to hang my head and just cry. For a minute. Just a minute I needed to feel the absolute sorrow of telling him about this one more thing and just grieve. But the second the nurse called us back to recovery, the Mom in me took over. He doesn't need my grief. He needs my support, my prayers and my confidence in his ability to overcome his obstacles. He needs that. He deserves it.

Please stand with me in praying for him. Please pray for pathology of the lab results to return with information that will give us specific answers of how to help him. And please pray that he continues to fight valiantly through his days bringing glory to God in his own amazing way!

You are a blessing!