Saturday, March 3, 2012

Watching Bugs Rabbit.

Homeschooling is fun. Give me a good curriculum catalog and I am on fire...wondering if learning Spanish, Latin, Algebra, Biology, Hebrew, Literature, Writing, History....might be overkill. (For the record...we don't learn Latin or Hebrew....yet...)

Balancing the curriculum is hard. There are days when I wake my crew up with a raised voice and a need to urge them to learn, read, write, read, write and learn some more....all uh, urgently. Failing to remember they should probably have breakfast first.


I rarely blog about it because frankly I am not certain I know anything that would in any way help anybody. But yesterday was one of THOSE days. A day where the ah-ha moments outnumbered the I-don't-understand moments. A day where the joy overpowered the exhaustion. A day where it was easy to remember why we do what we do.

Little Red has been reading for a while now. Sounding out words like a rock-star. But yesterday, she flew through her read-aloud work. She was eager, excited and completely delighted with herself. She began talking about the day when she reads chapter books to herself (I'm ok with that being a ways away, for the record.). She is sounding out titles of her favorite TV shows, working to read signs as we drive around town and basically turning the corner with her reading that makes me smile from ear-to-ear!! Oh, so much fun!

She rocked out her math and science -- of course, she is her Daddy's daughter -- and then cuddled up with me to read our read-aloud chapter book together. As she sat in my lap, letting me baby her a bit while I read, I felt this deep contentment. I am so thankful to be here with her when she has those ah-ha moments with her reading. Or her fractions, history or science.

Now, if you will excuse me. We need to watch a little of her current favorite TV show this morning, Bugs Rabbit. You know, that lovable, laughable Looney Tune character that hangs out with Daffy Duck?

 Yes, I know she has the name wrong. But really, she is learning so much and growing up so fast, please please don't correct her. Cause those little things that remind me that she is not all done growing up bless me. Oh they do!