Thursday, March 8, 2012

An open letter.

Dear punk young man with a bad attitude in the car next to us,

Perhaps no one has told you I am burdened to share the truth: EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD IS NOT ABOUT YOU.

Did you understand that?

Just because a family in a van in the lane next to you at the red light rolls their window down, it does not mean they are trying to say ANYTHING to you. There is no need for you to first turn and give attitude to my child -- sitting in his wheelchair -- just because the window happens to be beside him.

You do not need to then proceed to accuse him of something. Your belligerent "What? What? Are you trying to say something to me?" served no purpose. None.

Furthermore, flapping your arms wildly at us as if we had done something wrong served equally NO purpose.

I am so sorry you were having such an obviously bad life day. We almost let you spoil our day. Almost.

Because see, I rolled the window down -- not to antagonize YOU -- but rather because the little redhead in the very back of my van had a new pinwheel. She wanted the breeze to make it turn. I knew when I started going again, she would have the perfect opportunity to squeal with delight.

You almost spoiled it for her. For us. Because we almost let your unbelievable attitude spoil our joy. Almost.

But we didn't.

We also didn't stop to pray for you. But I will. Right now. Because as I type, I have become intensely convicted that you probably needed to be IN our van, enjoying some pure joy and acceptance.

Your behavior was NOT ok. But I wonder if anyone has told you today that you are loved. That even when your face and mouth screams anger, there is ONE who will love you regardless. I pray you find Him. I am praying that right now.

As for us -- we traveled squealing with delight to the orthodontist and followed that with a delightful visit to the DQ right down the road. Believe me, young man, a silly day with ice cream and banana splits would do you wonders.

When we named this boy Mason after my Daddy, we hit the nail on the head!! Your Granddaddy would have been proud of the speed with which you threw that back, Mason!

Cute girls and chocolate -- does it get any better?

And a sweet boy -- sharing with his Mom -- still recovering from the pain the Orthodontist inflicted...
And knowing the ONE who fills our hearts with joy regardless of our circumstances would change your life -- past, present and future.

I pray you know that blessing one day.

The Mom in the silver van


Judy said...

It is always a challenge not to react or be affected by the world around us. Eyes up, hearts open. My goal for today.