Friday, February 10, 2012


We have been in Phoenix for six years. We moved two years ago from one side of town to the other -- an hour from our first house. And so I have spent a lot of time in the last few years meeting people. A lot of time.

And if I am completely honest, I have also spent a lot of time whining about the challenge of making friends. A lot of time.

But recently, I did a brilliant thing. Brilliant. I started watching my six-year-old make friends. Honestly, her attitude is fabulous toward meeting new people: In the middle of the church gym, with hundreds of kids running around, she told me she was going to play. I asked her if she saw some of her friends. Her response: "Uh, no, Mommy, but that is ok, I can tell them my name!"


Sweet soccer pals -- they made fast friends and squeal with delight every time they are together!

In my head, I can remember it being that easy. My dad always said I could talk to a tree -- and he was pretty accurate. Making new friends was a favorite past time.

But living in seven states in 21 years has kind of tarnished my ability to meet strangers, introduce myself and attempt to make friends.

Sometimes, you just want to be where....oh good grief, it is quite a cliche...but sometimes you just want to be where everybody knows your name!

Best friends for more than two decades -- I have followed these two around Disneyland many many times! Their friendship is a gift.

But watching Cate has taught me much. I am re-learning how to share my name. How to reach out and be a friend. Because really, it is so much more than making friends....being a friend is the key. And frankly, that is more about carving out the time, putting in the work, managing to place importance on people that don't rely on me for clothing, food, etc. 

My lifetime thankful for the connection that keeps me grounded, sane, and feeling not-alone no matter the miles!

Friends are important. Friends are God-ordained. Friends make life so much more fun.

Daughters of another long-time friend and my crew -- what a gift when God brings a long-time-long-distance friend near. Oh, what a gift.

Making friends doesn't have to be as complicated as we too often make it. Go play. Tell people your name. Put yourself out there.

That's my little redhead at the front of the train -- with two little girls she didn't know at all two minutes before this photo was taken. Ah.

Friends are a blessing. A gift. A support in time of trouble. I will make time this season to nurture and grow some new friendships and maintain and grow some old ones. Will you?


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I love you, my friend. This post is particularly inspirational. Isn't it amazing what our children teach us? XO