Thursday, February 16, 2012

Coming home...

Yesterday, we received the sweetest donation in the mail. Oh, please know every single donation we have received toward our Argentina Mission 2012 has been amazing! We have pored over each note. We have laughed at messages, cried in humble gratitude and needed to hug some of the dearest givers ever.

But yesterday, we received an envelope with two donations. One a check from a friend and her husband. A generous gift that pushed us to 80 percent of our goal!! (Did you read that -- 80 percent of our goal! Wow!)

Along with the check, there was also a cash donation, straight from the piggy bank of our sweet little friend, Chelsea. Her donation however, came with a contingency: See, this dear girl loves my trio. With just the right age-difference, she thinks they are pretty special -- and for the record the entire Shrader family adores her! So when Chelsea reached into her piggy bank to give a gift from her heart, she had a stipulation:

Her money must be bring the triplets HOME from Argentina.

Dear Chelsea, you are a gift! And please rest assured, we are so grateful for your contribution that ensures we are heading to Argentina to do our best to make a difference in the lives of every one we meet. We are humbled by your gift and eager to partner with you and every single one of our donors in this mission. But let me assure you, sweet girl, we will return. Because it is friends like you that make returning to Arizona, coming home! We love you!