Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year...

This season takes on a life of its own, doesn't it? We get busy buying, wrapping, baking, sending, opening, decorating...trying to make Christmas special. Trying to make memories with our kids. Trying to be sure they have THE BEST CHRISTMAS ever.

And you know what? Sometimes the best times, the best memories are UN-intentional...

Not sure what came in this box...but will always remember the fun this little girl had playing and playing and playing in the peanuts!

When I was little, my Mom's customers (My Mom is a the South...yes, think Steel Magnolias!) would give her the sweetest gifts. I have the best memories of my Dad and I waiting expectantly for her to get home from work each night during this season to see what she had been given. We had so much fun.

And usually one of these dear ladies would give her a gift basket filled with yummy delicacies like cheese logs, summer sausage and gourmet crackers. I have to tell you that of all the amazing memories, gifts and events my parents planned for us at Christmas each of my most favorite has to be sitting with my Dad enjoying the gift basket. Daddy would slice the sausage and I would pass the crackers and we would talk and talk.

I have no idea where everyone else was. I guess Mom was putting the boys to bed -- I am the oldest. All I know is I had my Dad's undivided attention and while the goodies we were devouring were yummy, I am certain that the reason this is such a special memory is more about the face-to-face attention than about the food. 

So, I'm saying, get off the computer. Let go of your need to give your kids every thing you think they want. Go. Spend some time just being with them. Talk. Make plans. Discuss life.

Make some memories. I promise you will be blessed.

Merry Christmas.