Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We are doing what you are probably doing...

Baking. Unwrapping. Eating. Baking. Eating some more.

And in between I have a little girl who has learned to ride without training wheels this morning.

I have two boys playing video games and laughing loudly!!

I have a big girl with the cutest beach (in the desert) cruiser ever!

And I am savoring all these moments in my heart.

But we also have a savior born in a stable -- gone from GOD on high, to a tiny babe for me. And you.

  Merry Christmas, with love and blessings!


Judy said...

Love the summary. Exactly the activities of our day. Cody actually went online to show us where we could get the one item he did not get. Love it!!. Merry christmas friends.