Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Time

The temps dropped. Ok, only from 100 to 93, but still. So the kids and I knew it was time for one of our favorite fall activities, pumpkin picking!  Last year, my crew and I found a little  patch of heaven  way out here in the west when we visited the MacDonald's Ranch Pumpkin Patch. On that visit, Cowboy Ron and his buddies lifted Benjamin and his 300 lb. wheelchair onto the hay ride so that we could go out to the pumpkin patch. It was a sweet sweet day!

Claire was too old to ride but couldn't resist spending time with the horses!

We weren't expecting that this year. Benjamin had already said he didn't need to ride the wagon. He was worried about those guys having to lift him. And with Grammie joining us for this year's pumpkin picking visit, I knew if we had to split up we could.

Cate loved riding!
So we meandered through the rest of the activities first. Letting little Cate enjoy the horses and the petting zoo.

Every cowgirl needs pink cowgirl boots, right?

And getting some fun pictures with Grammie! She never knows what to expect when she visits us -- but she enjoyed our little wild west pumpkin patch, too!

We were so excited to share our day with Grammie!
You gotta love a hay maze. And just fyi, if you can't figure it out. AND you are five. Well, then no worries, just climb right over.

In the hay maze.
 Finally, it was time for the hay ride and the pumpkin picking-out. When we got in line and told the cowboy we were ready to ride, he called one of his co-workers over.

"Ron, these people need your special wagon!"

Our dear Cowboy Ron had remembered us. And this year, he had found a wagon with a gate that the wheelchair could drive up.

We were pulled by Cowboy Ron driving a quad and telling us the best stories ever!

Benjamin and Cowboy Ron!

Cowboy Ron helping Benjamin off the hayride.

Cate, however, wanted "real horses" to pull her wagon so this cowboy put her right up on the seat with him! So sweet!!

Uh. That's my Mom. Grammie was in the full swing of fun! 

Cowgirl Grammie!

We finished up our visit with some shaved ice. And yea, it is a good look for Halloween! (I assure you it was strawberry flavored....not blood!)

Thank you MacDonald's Ranch and Cowboy Ron -- for blessing us again with your delightful Pumpkin Patch! We will be back!


Judy said...

Cody and I had fun just looking at the pictures! And they are awesome ;-) what fun we will need yo know where this is so we can enjoy.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Ah, this looks like a wonderful day, Carol!!! Your children are growing up tooooo quickly, don't you think? Wow!

Hoekzema said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this. Brings tears of happiness to my eyes looking through your photos.