Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Water, water, everywhere...

First, I need to clarify that this post will seem a bit girl-heavy...almost completely void of photos of my amazing boys. I assure you that they are having fun....but when Benjamin is in the ocean so am I and thus I can not take photos...so early Sunday morning just Cate and Claire got in, so that I could feed my camera a few happy shots! :)

There will be other photos of the boys coming soon -- I promise!

But for now...my littlest desert-dweller prefers to spend her days in our pool at home. So here -- HERE where the ocean beckons from our hotel room; where the scenic hike ended at a waterfall complete with a swimming hole....well, this little redhead is in high-heaven! Yesterday, I had to just DRAG her out of the ocean when I feared she was going to fall fast asleep on her boogie board!

Cate embracing the ocean...literally!

She wants to surf...desperately! I think this "hang loose" shot was purely involuntary!

We hiked an accessible trail to Waimea Falls with Wade's best friend from medical school, Blaine and Blaine's precious family! The lucky Kristo family LIVE in Honolulu! Here Cate plays hide and seek in the vines!

My beautiful Claire...

At the Falls....only my girls got in, I wish wish wish that I had brought my suit!  But Wade and I are always hesitant to do things the boys can't do so the four of us observed. My girls however, didn't think twice about the 30 FEET DEPTH they had to swim in to get to the Falls! They went right in!

The beauty along the hike to the falls took my breath away. 

On our way to dinner, we stopped to see the turtles...amazing creatures! They are protected on the North Shore...

Just so you can see the size of this magnificent creature in relation to people....

They see one in the water...Cate is patiently waiting for him to poke his head up again...
We are having so much fun so far. Oh, it's not perfect -- the hike was a challenge for Mason; the ocean is a challenge for my Benjamin. 

Mason hitching a ride down the trail -- dear Lenny keeping him company!
My dream is that Benjamin could relax and enjoy -- but the beach is tricky for him, I know that, and yet, I so desire him to love it like I do. But family time, trying new things and finding ways to adapt...well, you know those are some of my favorite blessings!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I'm so happy for you and yours that you all are sharing this wonderful time together in paradise. Although perhaps some aspects are frustrating for the boys you must feel they are embracing this experience deeply. Love you! Great pics! (....love those turtles!!!)