Monday, March 14, 2011

Once upon a time...

A little girl was born. She was the first grandchild on one side of her family (only by hours, but first nonetheless!) and the last (and 13th) on the other side of her family. And she was loved by all!

Her birth had been prayed for and talked about forever and she was at once adored, doted on and passed around. 

When Wade and I married, this precious girl was only three...but she HAD to be in our wedding. She was a sweet sweet little flower girl (sharing the role with Wade's lovely god-daughter, Ainsley) who twirled her beautiful dress and looked like a little baby doll beside this bride (the 3rd of those 13 grandchildren!).

My groom and I on our wedding day...that is sweet Ali holding my hand!
The years move so fast. A dear 10-old-Ali came to Chicago when the triplets were born to be my helper (along with her Mom!) for a week. (Never mind that she only wanted to hold Claire! ha)

Now, the littlest granddaughter is all grown up and ready to marry her own Prince Charming, Adam. Dear Ali called and asked our littlest -- our Cate -- to be her flower girl. And I had to smile at the complete circle the request made.

My Cate with Ali and her bridesmaids at the lovely Bridesmaid Dinner.
Ali with Cate and Ring-bearer Ty at the Rehearsal.

Cate practicing the "prayer"...she took her job very seriously!

These two practiced and practiced their exit. I am so glad I took this photo at the rehearsal because our dear little ring-bearer got cold feet on wedding day.

With my girls in the garden for photos prior to the wedding!
Ali and Adam had a lovely day for their wedding. Their love for each other and their commitment to a God-honoring union was apparent to all.

Ali and her Dad -- my Uncle Ross.

Ring-bearer and Flower Girl!

Ross and Mason!

Mr. and Mrs. Carnes with my Benjamin!

And watching my daughter serve Ali as flower girl -- well, that was a sweet sweet blessing and a memory we will always hold dear!


GreenGirl said...

Love the story and photos. What a cute flower girl!