Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye...

In order to help my boys prepare for their roles in their upcoming "Robin Hood" production -- and because I had always wanted to go -- we ventured outside of Phoenix to spend the day at the Arizona Renaissance Festival!

We had no idea what to expect and though for my kiddos that just meant they weren't sure if it would be any fun, for the Mommy, I was completely nervous that it would be un-accessible and therefore a complete waste of time!

Seeing this gentleman as soon as we walked in relieved much of my concerns!

I am already brainstorming about ways to make Benjamin's chair look like this for the upcoming play! (Ideas?)

Cate's concerns were centered around finding a "hat" that didn't make her look -- and I quote -- "goofy." Thankfully, these flower wreaths greeted us and solved that dilemma. Whew.

The buildings made us smile. I really just couldn't get enough photos -- and I took many!

But finding the glass blowing shop was just delightful. We could not hear everything he said -- and have been piecing it together all day as we realized we all picked up different parts -- but the amazing things he was doing with his hands had us completely mesmerized. Breathtaking.

From glass-blowing to belly-filling -- my Mason was determined to try a Turkey Leg...he is much cuter than King Henry VIII, don't you think?!

And my little girl -- well, she may LOOK like a princess...but she wanted to try the Turkey Leg as well!

During our meal, we received a Irish Folktale from this lovely storyteller...

And my Tolkien fans thought this resembled Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins...I stayed out of the photo because they call me their Hobbit already...I didn't need to reinforce that!

There was just so much to see...touch...eat...experience!

The Jousting Competition had beautiful horses, lovely costumes and...well, perhaps a bit of cheese. We loved it!

And though my girl was concerned about the treatment of the animals -- after being assured of their care, she really wanted to experience riding an elephant! And she loved every minute of it!

And then Cate and I got to pick -- and she very much wanted to ride the camel! Our ride on Sahara was very cool -- and to be honest made me flip-flop between thinking about the Wise Men and wanting to sing "Alice the Camel has 10 humps" very loudly!

Hands down, Benjamin's favorite part of the day was the comedic stunt-show routine of Dexter Tripp. He juggled everything from pins to flaming batons and even a chainsaw (very medieval!) and he made Benjamin laugh out loud! It was delightful!

There was so much to see. I don't think we scratched the surface.

The shops were full of whimsy...

Wood-working, leather goods, pottery...we saw it all!

Even musical delights...

There was even a Mother Goose sighting -- and holding! (And a bit of pleading that we NEED one!)

And the best part was, as usual, the chance to try something new with my precious precious crew! And to find it accessible and with something for everyone -- well, that just doubled the blessings over and beyond!