Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tight rope walking...

These days I feel like my job description would better suit a circus performer than my usual teacher/cook/housekeeper/financial officer/etc.  These days I am more the walk-the-fine-line-between-encouraging-pushing-loving-shoving-counselor type for my kids.

And while I am not the best cook/cleaner/financial officer/etc....I must tell you that I think I am leaning toward preferring the toilet bowl cleaning to navigating the waters of my beautiful triplet teens.

Please do not misunderstand -- they are amazing. Really. I could not be prouder of the young men and lady that call me Mom.  Watching them grow, blossom and develop Godly-stature is teaching me so much about my own faith and humbling me in ways I never imagined. I am honored to have an up-close and personal seat for this. Honored and grateful.

But. Whew. We've had some hard conversations lately. Conversations about special needs. Conversations about helping with heart -- rather than attitude. Conversations about ACCEPTING help with heart -- and gratitude -- rather than attitude. Conversations that put me on my knees praying for wisdom, discernment and grace.

Cause the blessing of the tongue is that it can motivate OR manipulate. It can encourage OR discourage. It can build up OR tear down.

And as the Mama, it is my job to balance on the fine line between them all.


Sarah Armstrong said...

Such a hard impressionable and vulnerable at the same time. I find that working with pre-teens/teens humbles me often - I complain about something they do or don't do (stop gossiping, respect authority, etc.) only to realize it's like looking into a mirror at times. My hipocracy is shameful. For all of us, it's tough to walk the talk and at that age it's near impossible!! Fight the good fight friend - you will all make it through!! :)