Monday, February 21, 2011


Once upon a time, I prayed a very specific prayer. Wade was starting residency in Minnesota -- a loooong way from my home -- and I had three two-year-olds, two of whom had just been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. I was scared. I mean I was really scared.

Wade had been my best friend almost since we met. When I needed to talk to someone, I never looked any further than my guy. My husband. My (as a dear friend dubbed him for me) wonderful Wade.

But residency was something else entirely. I had heard the stories. I knew how hard residency could be on marriage, on family, on friendship.

So I prayed. I prayed for US. I prayed God's protection on my marriage, on my kids, on my husband. I prayed for the strength to hold on tight to our vows, and not even THINK of letting go.

And I prayed for a friend.

In my first few days in Rochester, Minnesota, I was invited to a play group. I jumped at the chance -- loaded my three up and probably was drooling a bit a the possibility of meeting THAT one person I just knew God would hand-pick to be my friend.

But alas, having three two-year-olds doesn't make for great communication opportunities. I left feeling fairly deflated and more than a bit scared that maybe Mommies of triplets couldn't have close friends. Sigh.

I called my Mother in tears. She began to pray. And unbeknownst to me, she added more to her very specific prayer -- she asked God to send me a friend THAT week.

When the church we visited that Sunday offered a play date at McDonald's. I went. I was admittedly leery this time. McDonald's Playlands are not a huge success for mommies of special kiddos but I was soo eager to meet people.

This time there was a Mom with two little boys there -- one was exactly the age of the triplets (one day apart), one was a baby. This mom talked JUST LIKE ME -- she was from Georgia and oh my goodness, I just knew. And when she said her hubby was also an Orthopedic Surgery resident....I took a deep breath. God had done it. This precious woman would understand. She would walk beside me. We would help each other.

In time, God added another Godly woman to the friendship and together the three of us held each other accountable. We encouraged each other as we raised our small children. We held each other up when one felt like falling. We prayed together.

I have missed these Godly ladies every day since leaving Rochester. But in the last six months, God has given me a precious visit with each and oh my goodness, I have enjoyed every minute. Cause when God weaves a friendship, he keeps the threads tight, keeps the friends hearts close and allows the friends to pick up exactly where they left off -- as if only minutes have passed rather than years.

With my dear Avery in San Diego this weekend! So thankful God brought her to my life during my first week in Minnesota!

A phone-portrait with Shelly during our all-too brief visit to Minnesota in September! This Southern girl taught that Minnesota girl how to hug...and hug good!!

Oh such friendships are a blessing. An absolute blessing.


Sistergirl said...

Oh what a blessing, I just prayed the same prayer. Its sometimes hard to have friends in the same field or at work when you are a working mom so I feel your story.