Sunday, October 10, 2010

Signs of Fall

Fall arrives in the desert in a variety of ways -- oh, our leaves don't change into beautiful colors and drop to the ground -- but Fall in the desert has a myriad of signs all its own.

For one thing, the light does change colors -- you can just SEE Fall in the colors of the sunset. Breathtaking.

Next, the temperatures drop out of three digits. And prompted by this change, desert-dwellers begin coming out of their air-conditioned homes and swimming pools to hang out in the beauty of the desert! Oh, Fall is a lovely time in the Valley of the Sun.

I love this sign -- our summer was anything BUT carefree so we are all looking forward to a new season without surgery, without such intensive rehab (there will STILL be rehab but it is so much easier on my boy today than just weeks ago even!), without being mostly home-bound as our dear Mason healed.

We took the cue from other desert-dwelling friends and spent Friday outside, basking in the sunshine and the colors at a local farmers' market (though Claire was a bit disappointed not to meet an actual overall-wearing farmer there...).

The kids favorite part -- sampling all of the salsas, jams and jellies! We came home with quite a variety!

Check out the giant Gila Monster!  It is actually a slide...but Cate had to be convinced it wouldn't eat her before she was willing to try it -- and sliding is one of her all time favorite activities!

I don't know what this new season will bring.  I can not guarantee that it will be as carefree as I want/hope/pray it will be. But I do know that we will get through whatever it is the same way we made it through the summer -- by thanking God for our blessings far more often than we complain about our challenges! (And possibly by sampling every salsa and jelly made in the Valley!)


Russell Nielson said...

Love your blog! Where is this at? My son would LOVE that slide!