Monday, October 11, 2010

A heart full

Tonight I was feeling sentimental about our recent visit to see friends and family in Rochester, Minnesota. So, I immediately sat down and began to upload photos My plan: to blog about the wonderful time we had. As I waited on the millionth photo to load, I began to have this overwhelming sense of deja vu...hmmm...could it be possible that I have already written this post?

Ah, yes. Yes, it could. Obviously, I just had such a wonderful time I needed to share it twice!

The good news...I didn't share every photo the first, all my efforts were not completely wasted. WooHoo!

 You almost missed out on this one and it is definitely one of my favorites. My brother Talley lived with us when the triplets were small. As a result, he and my Benjamin have a very tight bond. It had been almost two years since we were in the same place as Uncle T....I wasn't sure how Benjamin would respond. But every time I glanced his way, this was the sight. Holding on to his beloved Uncle T. I am so grateful.

Cate wasn't sure about her Uncle Tal....for all of five minutes. Then she kept asking if she could go get in "his" lap! No one was surprised!

Benjamin and Cate are not alone, all four love Uncle Tal and adore Aunt Sarah -- the days together were not nearly enough -- but oh the joy of loving on and being loved on!!

Grammie had to get in on the loving, too!

Mason teased Grams the entire weekend about becoming forgetful....she said she would remember that at Christmas. We all know she won't....not that she'll forget but she loves giving Christmas gifts FAR too much to neglect the boy for his mischief!

A farewell tackle from Cate...we were leaving early early the next morning.

And a sweet hug from Claire.

Our time in Rochester was packed full of blessings. We missed seeing some dear friends and so are already scheming to return. But the love, hugs, and visits that we did squeeze in will keep us counting our blessings (and obviously blogging and re-blogging) for a long time!