Sunday, August 8, 2010

Muse or majesty

There is so much to blog about -- we returned from Disneyland on Wednesday and I flew out to join Wade on his work trip to Monterey, California Thursday morning. We rarely get out alone, just the two of us. But for the last few years we have committed to my accompanying him on one of his work trips each year just for a little time focusing on us and, no less important, letting Mom sleep through the night for a couple nights in a row (it is a luxury I do not get often.).
I was not sure what to expect of received rave reviews from my Facebook friends, but we were not going to have a car so I knew our sights would have to be within walking distance. I should not have worried. Right outside our hotel were these adorable creatures:

The Sea Lions were everywhere in the bay. They seemed to sleep anywhere and everywhere completely oblivious to the throngs of people photographing them. (It should be noted that we were not oblivious to their odor...oh my...but their cuteness almost made up for least until day 3!)

John Steinbeck wrote much about this area and many other authors, poets, artists of various sorts have found what the local chamber of commerce describes as the "muse of the sea" here as well. I was at once curious, would I feel the lure and would I recognize it if I did?

I should tell you that I have pondered this post often over our weekend. I am not sure I am the sort of girl who even uses the word muse in a blog post. I am much too practical -- too journalism-trained -- to wax quite that poetic.
But what I do that the sea speaks to me. To me, the sea speaks of majesty only possible by the most creative of Creators. Majesty that resonates in the power of the waves, the intricate details that make a Sea Lion different than a Seal or a Sea Otter. Majesty that overwhelms with pure size and magnitude when a family of Humpback Whales surface near your boat (see those pictures tomorrow!). Majesty that created the tiniest of sea creatures and endowed them with the ability to protect themselves (see my Sea Horse pics later too.). Majesty that spoke the whole thing into being.

So yes, the sea spoke to me. I am blessed to be a child of the King that created the universe. I am blessed to bear witness to His works.

I am blessed.


Christy said...

Your pictures are beautiful and your words are inspiring and encouraging this morning. Looking forward to more pics - and words:)