Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh, the things I'm learning...

I am not sure when I have enjoyed a gift as much as I am enjoying the PhotoShop class my husband gave me for my birthday. Sadly, there is just one class left, but I have learned so much and have had the best time! I am almost certain that it is OK if I make my family eat cereal for every meal so that I can play on the computer...right?!

Today, I am working on homework for class and so pulled out this adorable picture from our trip to Disneyland in May. This is Cate and our sweet precious Gracie. Gracie is the daughter of Wade's best friend since college, Todd, and his wife, Marti and the closest thing my kids have to a first cousin so they adore her!  This picture is straight out of my camera and while I LOVE the look of pure contentment and love on Cate's face, the colors seem a bit mixed up with all the greens of their dresses and the beautiful blue-green of the Heimlich ride.

So I used one of my new tools and color cast the photo to see if it improved the color hues. This is what I got:

And while I liked that...I thought it still needed something then I just decided to play with the photo because...well, because there are all sorts of things I can do to it now...but this is my favorite for today (I am certain I will change favorites tomorrow but for now this is what you get!):

I kept the color cast version, then selected the two cutie-pies to keep them sharp, once that was done, I selected the INVERSE of these two and used the artistic tool of cross-hatching to make the background look like a painting. I LOVED the effect, but decided to go a step further and do a black and white tint over the whole photo with a small opacity -- which just means I only let that layer show a bit so that the color could still come through. I love the old fashioned look it gives the photo and think that this one needs to be framed now...well, or at least until I play with it a little more.

Did I tell you that my husband also gave me a photography class? I start that next!! Having a husband that understands your love language is definitely one of life's biggest blessings!!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Hey, these are fantastic, Carol! Your Wade is a marvel because not only does he realize your passions but thinks ahead and plans for them when gift-giving time rolls around. Blessings all 'round, I say! And Yay! You! Isn't Photoshop fun?

Blessing Counter said...

Oh, Debi, I just wish you were here to help me! Yes, I am having fun. They gave me the photoshop CS4 last year but only NOW am I learning how to make it work for me! Oh, the fun! Love you!

Mardi said...

ooowwww....I would love this class! You pic's are awesome! Enjoy!

Happy 4th of July to you and your family!! (another opportunity for more great pic's! :))