Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friends making time...

Our post-surgery summer has been hard in so many ways. We were at once limited in the pool, in the house and in our ability to leave because of Mason's pain level and limitations. We are currently in week seven of being pretty much house-bound, and as much as we love each other (we do, we really do), we were in desperate need of some new faces to entertain us!

So you know it was a blessing when "Uncle Todd" and "Aunt Marti" flew in from California with their adorable little Gracie! Oh, it was such a blessing!!

Todd and Wade have been best friends since they roomed together at our beloved MSU back in the day. Bless Todd, he opened his heart and became one of my best friends as well (since the three of us have spent quite a bit of time together in the last 20 years.)

But this weekend, we couldn't leave the house -- and Wade spent most of the weekend working -- but we had a blast introducing baby Gracie to the pool, playing Lego Rock Band (Aunt Marti is a professional singer and just amazing!), and well, eating. The kids insisted we fix EVERY favorite dish we have...and that is what we did! (Oh, and I may have taken one or a hundred photos!)

Best of all, Mason was distracted by one of his favorite people (Thank you, Todd, from the bottom of my heart) and our hearts were lightened. Friends willing to visit and just be -- wow, y'all, that is an awful big helping of blessings!