Thursday, June 3, 2010

Poolside musings...

It is true that life in Phoenix, Arizona does not offer a huge change in seasons. What we call Winter hardly passes for Fall in most parts of the world; and our Spring is most assuredly Summer in the mid-west United States. But for our little family, the seasons are just right. I like to call them: Football Season (which does not start for few more months, ya'll!) and Swim Season. And while I love the first, the latter is my definite favorite and is has begun!

This year our swim season is in a new house and a new pool and we are loving it! Yesterday, we got our umbrella for the little table that is IN the pool...this is my view from the shade of the umbrella (I was dry by the way...keeping Mason company!).

And this kid is a trooper. We sat poolside (not a bad place to be AT ALL!) laughing at the antics of the pool crew.

Isn't he a cutie?

I am still playing with my shutter speeds -- doesn't it look like Claire is controlling the water?!

And our favorite pool toy...well, that is Uncle Len! (What is yours?) Here Claire is "falling" off his shoulders!

And I love Cate mid-air...and Uncle Lenny's expression (he is a goofball...but we love him!)! She is a fish and loves to be in the water!

Again -- our favorite pool toy!

Cate's turn to "fall" off Lenny!

And Benjamin was missing his brother being in the water but still managed to have some fun!

Life pool-side is just where I want to be -- feeling the blessing that the carefree joys of summer bring!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I love seeing you all happy and wet! LOL! Hello to all!