Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aquatic Therapy

First you need to know that these are MORE swimming pool shots. Sorry. We are extremely limited as to what we can do right now as a family -- we tried an outing of sorts with Mason this weekend. It was not successful. So back to home base we ran and that is where we will stay until he is feeling better.

So, we do what we enjoy the most. We swim -- or for Mason and I, we watch the others swim and take silly photos. A lot of silly photos. And then we post them. Cause really, do you ever get tired of silly pool photos?

OK...just trying the settings on my camera again...

She is completely posing -- the little ham. After this shot she looks at me and says, "Oh Mommy, that is going to be a good one. You should put that on your Facebook." She's uh, four!

Our dog. Pluto. Protector of the infirm (last summer he guarded Benjamin with his life...this summer...you got it...he rarely leaves Mason's side. Ever!). Lover of all. Just when you are convinced that YOU are his favorite, he moves over to convince the next family member of the same! Not-so-fierce guard dog...unless licking someone to death seems fierce. We love this dog!

Two weeks out from surgery...knee immobilizers off and feeling the pain. A bit less happy then last week. Oh sweet boy, you possess more strength than you possibly know. Hang in there!!

My littlest fish -- underwater, her absolute favorite place to be!

And the crew -- minus dear Mason -- being completely silly in the pool. And by the way, that IS a Millennium Falcon they are floating around in. What does your family use?

And finally, Mommy therapy always involves tickling tootsies...or at least photographing them. This is the cleanest you will ever find this four-year-old's...she takes her shoes off at every opportunity...which may be why the pool is her most favorite spot.
We are doing what we can to cope with recovery. We are leaning on the ONE who promises to make his grace fresh every morning. We are making the most of our time huddled in this house (and/or the pool!).
We are counting our blessings.