Monday, May 3, 2010


I love May! I would love to be all poetic here and say it is because winter seems to be officially over when May arrives. Flowers are blooming all over, the downhill slide to summer is upon us as the temperatures heat up and school winds down.

And while all of that is true. It isn't the REAL reason I love May. Oh, those things contribute. They do. But not as much as the fact that....well...that....

My birthday is in May!!

So for my whole life, my mother was conditioning me to love May. And then, my sweet hubby and I decided to marry in May.

Now, I have TWO reasons for loving this wonderful month.

And then....I was blessed to become a Mommy and well.....Mother's Day also happens to be....yes, in MAY!!

Are you following me? I love this month. It is happily upon us....and though Wade is generally pretty taxed out by the end (He says it is hard being creative for three holidays in ONE week!!), and this year my boy is having surgery during my favorite month (Ya'll do have May 21st marked on your calendars? Please be praying for Mason!)....I love that May has arrived!!

Happy May, ya'll! I feel so blessed!!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Hey there, my little May Lass! Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Mother's Day and good luck to Mason who shall be firmly in my prayers!!! xoxoxo - me!