Sunday, May 23, 2010

The bedside seems rather like home...

My boy showed some amazing determination today. Amazing. He let them turn the epidural off (that's what was sending the super-strong-painkillers to his legs) and was ready to try getting out of bed. We saw him wince -- for which he promptly apologized -- and then he did his best to bear weight on the leg that received the least of the surgeries (it STILL received SOME so it was not a pain-free deal...).

When, we had him situated in the wheelchair, he refused to get back into the bed for a while. Even though he was exhausted. He wanted to be CERTAIN that he sat up, moved around and stayed out of the bed so that his lungs could clear some of the congestion that had raised its ugly head last night.

He is an amazing kid. Did I say that? I know that God is going to use him in a mighty way -- what a blessing to get to be in his corner cheering the whole way!


virgdan1 said...

Prayers for you and your courageous children!

Mardi said...

I can see his maturity in his eyes and can hear it in your story here. you said, God has amazing plans for him!