Friday, April 16, 2010

Two days before their birth...

Between the very scary day we hit 28 weeks and the day my trio were born...things were relatively calm. My mom had arrived (she was already on the plane when the contractions began to subside.) and I had convinced to hang out with me for a few days because with Wade in Medical School I was so lonely in the hospital. So, she did my nails -- fingers and toes (even though I couldn't see my feet!), fixed my hair, and tried her best to help me feel better about laying flat in a bed for weeks on end.

So since I am reminiscing...I flipped through some of my million photos today...thought I'd share a few of my almost-teenagers, 13 years ago!!

This is the morning of our first time to go to church...our sheer numbers would have overwhelmed the nursery workers AND we couldn't risk our little preemies getting they stayed in the service with us....well, that might be stretching it...they went to the service with us...and then see those cute little smocked outfits...well, let's just say they did NOT come home in the same. I spent the ENTIRE service shuttling back and forth to the bathroom to change one, then two, then three....then one was a worshipful day!

Never too small for Bulldawg gear....

This is the Sunday of their Baby Dedication Service at church...I did the smock work in the hospital to pass the dear friend, Linda, took my work and made these beautiful outfits!!

We WERE in Chicago...I guess that explains all the flannel...there will be even more later....

My 30th birthday....and just after the trips turned one (DON'T do the math!)...aren't they adorable?!

I always loved how they stayed as close to each other as possible...we never needed much space!

How we traveled from place to place...our triplet stroller!

Our first friend and I made these little M& absolute favorite food...don't you just want to eat them up?! this is how you feed cereal to three little loves at one time....but do you notice the flannel in the photo....theirs, mine....even the dog in the background. I am pleading WINTER in Chicago...we must have been VERY cold!

Memories are a blessing. I adore my trio and am so looking forward to celebrating their birth all weekend long!


Mardi said...

Wow...these pictures are too precious! I cannot believe how much your daughter looks like you now!! I thought it was her in the pics until I read the text! :) Happy 13th birthday to your trio!!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Wow, Carol. How far you've all come since then. I love seeing these photos, dear, and love you all.

hbalegria said...

I love these pictures!!!! They were SO CUTE and sweet as babies...can't believe they are 13! All of our lives have been blessed by knowing them and their parents!!! Jorge and Rosita are with us right now and just today she asked me about y'all!