Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Works in progress

We are in the middle of some seriously big projects around here. It is exciting to watch our swimming pool being built in the backyard. When we moved in there was just dirt. We were able to sit and watch while they dug the hole, shaped it, and place the rebar that holds the shape. It has been a fascinating process.

The coolest part so far had to be when they "blew" the concrete. Sadly, they draped the pool -- I guess they didn't want concrete ALL over the backyard -- so we had to sneak out to watch. But it was fascinating to see the concrete turn what moments earlier had been a dirt hole into a....ok...I can't help myself....they turned it into a cement pond! So very cool!

They are still out there working...but now that the concrete is in place you can totally tell it is a swimming pool and we are eager eager to take our first swim!

But the pool is not the only work in progress around here. Benjamin and Claire have begun the road to straighter teeth -- and brighter smiles! (Do I sound like an ad for the orthodontist yet?)
Last week they received expanders...oh my. These little metal pieces are wedged into the roof of their respective mouths and I get to "crank" them every night to open them further. It seems a bit like some medieval method of torture, but they assure me the worst part is the inability to speak and chew normally NOT when I turn the crank. Whew.

With all the progress being made around here, even sweet Cate has gotten in on the act. She loves school and always wants more and more to do...getting upset if she is finished before her "big kids" are....so I gave her a coloring assignment last week...and would you look what she did:

She colored in the lines. In. The. Lines. (And wrote her sweet little name!) I must confess this made me a bit weepy...but I am proud of that little 4 year old nonetheless.
But perhaps the biggest work in progress was evident Thursday afternoon when Benjamin had his x-rays to check the status of his hips. In January the x-rays showed that the right leg had not healed and the doctor scheduled Benjamin for a second surgery pending the March x-rays.
There was a chance -- a hope -- that by now the leg would have begun healing but no one was extremely hopeful.

And yet, Benjamin was committed to praying boldly. I joined him. We prayed at night and even while I knew in my heart that God COULD absolutely do it...my Mommy-heart desperately wanted to protect my boy from a disappointment in faith and so I was preparing him for what everyone kept saying was inevitable -- surgery.

But on Thursday, a marvelous thing happened. Benjamin's x-rays showed healing...bone is definitely forming and he does not require surgery!!

And so as we left the doctor's office, my dear boy looked at me -- at ME, the Mommy -- and said, "Mommy, I hate to say I told you so but I told you God would do it."

See, even with all the pool stuff, teeth stuff, little-girls-growing-up stuff, and bone-healing stuff, I am still the biggest work in progress. Thank goodness for the blessing of a God who knows that and loves me anyway!


GreenGirl said...

Looks like the pool is set to be done before November! Awesome! So very glad to hear Benjamin's praying and medical interventions are working and his bones are getting stronger. Good to see you posting again.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

We're all works in progress honey but you, my dear, are special in His eyes! (and in mine, I must add) Aren't braces fun? Kayla's come off I think in October - no expanders, thank goodness. We NEED to chat sometime, yes? Maybe after school is out - LOL! Love you kiddo!

Markietha said...

what wonderful faith children teach us!!!