Friday, February 19, 2010

Thank you note

Dear Benjamin and Mason,

Thank you so much for our delightful date last night while Daddy took Claire and Cate to the Daddy-Daughter Dance. What a wonderful choice you made in picking the White Chocolate Grill for our date -- you have great taste! Mason, I have to agree with you that we could have used a second Blondie....that was delicious! (Apparently the best thing Benjamin had ever put in his mouth! ha)

But my dear boys, more than the food, I want to thank you for the absolutely wonderful dinner conversation. You have such precious manners, delightful sense of humors, and you honored me with the time you gave me last night.

You are amazing young men. In today's world, where having a negative attitude seems to be a perfected art, your smiles, your laughter and your love of life are a light for all to see. Thank you for sharing them with me -- you are such a blessing!

I love you -- more than you will ever understand,

Daddy had an amazing night out with his girls, too!


Kristin said...

Very sweet. The girls look so pretty. I think you have some of the best kids ever. They are always so happy, I have never seen them without a smile on their faces.

The Giraffe Head Tree said... sweet both evenings sounded, Carol. Wade's with the girls and yours with the guys. Your family is exceptional, as are you. Love you, dearie!