Monday, March 29, 2010

Taking turns...

After x-rays, and his annual orthopedic has been determined that this is Mason's summer to have surgery. Nothing like taking turns....right?!

Mason has hit a growth spurt that is making his walking -- even with his power sticks which he prefers NOT to use -- more challenging than normal. So, just as we were feeling recovered from last summer...and I'm sure just as Dr. Lee was also feeling we go!

For Mason, Dr. Lee will place a plate in both knees to help prevent crouching as he grows. He will also break and rotate Mason's left femur, placing a rod in the bone to hold it in place as it heals. Again, Mason's growth spurt, combined with the spasticity caused by his Cerebral Palsy, is causing his left leg to turn in and this is causing an assortment of issues with his walking. And finally, Dr. Lee will take a tendon in Mason's foot and release it, then re-attach it to the other side of his foot in an effort to prevent that foot from turning inward. He will then cast Mason's left foot.


I was initially completely opposed to doing any of this. But it is amazing what you can learn when you listen to a child answer questions with a doctor. My sweet boy is having hip and knee pain because of all these factors working against him. He is falling more and more often (that I knew) and all of this is contributing.

We don't have surgery every summer...though I guess this is the second "season" where we had to do back-to-back summer surgeries. But what a blessing to have friends who will carry us through their prayers; what a blessing to serve a God that is BIG enough to carry us through; a God who doesn't say "Nope, carried you through last summer, this summer you are on your own;" a God who loves Mason and knows the plans he has for him!!