Monday, March 22, 2010

Letting Others In...

When my triplets were born (almost 13 years ago!), they were immediately whisked from me and taken straight to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. In the NICU, a team of amazing doctors and nurses began the care that would save their lives and allow me to be a Mommy for the first time.

But those days in the NICU were hard -- when I was finally cleared to see my babies, I felt like the outsider, like every one of those beautiful nurses knew my babies better than I did. Oh, my brand-new-to-this-Mommy-heart just ached. How thankful I am to this day for precious nurses -- Laura, Diane and Trish -- who not only took brilliant care of my crew, but taught ME that I alone was the Mommy!! (Oh, those ladies were no small gift from God!)

In the following years, I have had to relinquish the care of my crew to various people -- from physical and occupational therapists to teachers, friends, and scout leaders. Thanks to lessons learned from my dear NICU nurses, I can let go of my kids' hands today, allowing them to grow through relationships with others -- allowing them to be BLESSED by those relationships.

Here is a look at some of the people I entrust my kids with today:

Chris -- Benjamin's swim instructor. This dear man has just left his job as swim coach and we are so sad around here. The friendship built between this coach and my kid was no small thing! We are grateful to have him in our life and are committed to continuing the friendship.
Claire has met a delightful new friend -- Susan. Claire has a passion for learning sign language -- and is completely self-taught. Through Cate's new ballet class, Claire has met Susan, a wonderful hearing-impaired lady willing to help Claire work on her sign language skills! Claire has learned much from this faith-filled friend.

Mason and his swim coach, Michelle. Michelle is exactly what Mason needs today -- a coach willing to push him hard and help him excel! Oh we are grateful for the progress he is making daily!

And then there is sweet Cate...I haven't had as much practice "letting go" of her hand so still struggle a bit. But Miss Harli, her Ballet instructor, is a gift from God and I completely trust that she is safe in her hands.

Today, I am thanking God for the blessing of people willing to invest in the lives of children -- mine and yours! May he repay them a hundred-fold for all they pour out into the lives of our little ones!