Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Wade!!

To celebrate my wonderful Wade turning 40....

These, my sweet husband, are just some of the things I love about you...

1. I'll start with the easy ones first...your eyelashes! (So thankful you passed those on to all four of our kiddos!)

2. Your dimples -- I love to see you smile!

3. The fact that you remember all the little details of our dates...even those that were 21 years ago!!

4. The way you plan our Disney trips to ensure everybody gets to do everything on their favorites list and then throw in surprises that we don't even know exist!

5. That you are my biggest fan -- from the days when I was job-hunting and you could write cover letters to make anyone give me an interview, to the belief in my Mommy-skills when we brought three tiny babies home at once and then eight years later added one more, to the support you give me in this home schooling adventure.

6. The drive and determination with which you do everything you do -- from your days of studying at MSU to Medical School, to being the best Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, I know!!

7. Your love for all things maroon -- and your unwavering loyalty to Mississippi State even though we've moved all around the country!

8. The Papa Bear you become when protecting Benjamin, Mason, Claire and Cate!

9. That people matter to you -- and you remember names of everyone you meet.

10. The fun we have together whether we are exploring the countryside of England or riding Splash Mountain!

11. That when I make Peanut Butter Milkshakes you act like I am a culinary genius.

12. The way you never meet a dog that doesn't love you -- even when owners say they are "fierce"!

13. That you treat my baby brother like he is YOUR baby brother.

14. That you believe all the woes in the world are solved when I rub your head.

15. That you seek God's face when making decisions for our family.

16. That you still remember all the plays from your years playing high school football...

17. And still hate that I never saw you play in person.

18. That you know I prefer a new book to flowers any day...and that is what you have always brought me when you bring a surprise!

19. That you recognize every song on the radio -- and know who sang it and usually when it came out!

20. The way you can call the penalty in every football game you watch before the commentators even realize a flag has been thrown.

21. The way you care for your patients and see your children in every child you treat.

22. That because your calling as a pedi orthopedic surgeon requires so many hours away from refuse to participate in any hobbies that would require not being with us!

23. That I can't tell who is having more fun when you and the kids get off rides at Disneyland!

24. When you travel for work, you always spend some of the trip investigating whether this would be an accessible place for us to visit!

25. That you told me when the triplets were babies that you would be happy eating cereal for supper every night....because you didn't want to add any stress to my day.

26. That I know if I needed it, you would still be OK eating that! :)

27. Your fuzzy hair.

28. That you find information about all your kids' interests -- from comic books to American Girl dolls -- you know it all!

29. Your laugh -- especially when you are laughing out loud with some silly movie!

30. That no matter how many times you watch "Christmas Vacation" you laugh that laugh we love!

31. You are the smartest person I know.

32. That your heart was as affected by our mission trip to Mexico as mine...

33. And you have already scheduled our return next year!

34. Even though you weren't thrilled with the decision to purchase love him as much as anyone else in the family -- and he loves you the MOST!

35. That you do not take your cell phone or pager with us on vacations!!

36. That no matter how many times you have seen "The Fugitive", it still makes you have nightmares every time!

37. Your fear of snakes...

38. That you are FINALLY 40...and I'm not alone in this club!

39. That you are the best Daddy in the world!

40. And an absolute blessing as a husband!!

Happy Birthday, my wonderful Wade!
I love you so!


GreenGirl said...

Happy Birthday Wade! Your wife's comments certainly make me want to meet you, guess she is good at the cover letters too. Have a good one.

Hoekzema said...

That was beautiful Carol. I had tears in my eyes and a smile across my face reading that! What a special guy and wonderful family you have!

hbalegria said...

this was super sweet!!! Love it!