Tuesday, August 4, 2009

From Room 139

Praise the Lord, we are out of the Intensive Care Unit. (Although, honestly, I loved our night nurse up there and both Benjamin and I would have been content to stay there until we go home...guess that wasn't an option.)

Benjamin is oxygen-free tonight. He is however, also epidural-free so for the first time since surgery he can feel his legs...and that frankly, hurts.

Will you pray for him tonight as he gets acclimated to how his "new" legs, this soon post-surgery feel? Mommy has lifted him in and out of a wheelchair today to give him a walk around the hospital. He tolerated that...but couldn't really enjoy it because of the leg spasms and pain.

I have to share a funny story that he DID enjoy, however....

Yesterday, we were in our room in the PICU when the phone rang. Only Uncle Talley had called on the hosptial line before as everyone had used our cellphones, so I answered warily (knowing Talley was at work). I received a "Is Ben there?"

Well, again, I was wary about this...everyone who KNOWS Benjamin knows he does not like to be called "Ben." So, hesitantly, I said, "Yes." Only to receive this:

"Well, this is John Travolta and I was hoping to talk to him."

"Oh, well, sure, I think he'd love to talk to you."

And promptly handed the phone to Benjamin...who never once showed any sign of being star-struck...instead he began to ask amazingly astute questions of this mega-star. They had a lengthy conversation about upcoming movies, current projects and even future projects that Benjamin thinks he should consider.

And then I heard this:

"I have really enjoyed talking with you, Mr. Travolta. Thank you for calling me."

And my sweet boy smiled -- from pure enjoyment! (Again, if you know my boy, you know that he loves watching movies, talking about movies and planning future movies! This was a call he got excited about!)

And with that -- we are ready to go home! Benjamin feels mixed -- he wants to be home, but is also anxious to NOT repeat Sunday's episode. Prayerfully, tonight he will begin to feel more comfortable and relax and really be ready to go tomorrow.

Please continue to pray. We still have a long road to recovery -- and we know we couldn't do it without your prayers! Have I said thank you?! We are so grateful -- grateful for your prayers and your visits and your text messages!


Belinda said...

Prayers are being lifted up in Paducah, KY, for Benjamin! First Baptist Church and my coworkers are praying for him. Before I go to bed, I am praying that he has pain relief without the epidural and that going home is without fear.

In His Love,
The Wootens

Markietha said...

ok...that call was too cool!!!! Hope y;all are home and pain free soon.

Kristin Sidaway said...

What? John called? Hey did "Ben" give him my number? How cool is that? Totally!!!

Shelley said...

I just wanted to tell Benjamin that I have been praying for him (and the rest of the family) & hope he has a relatively quick recovery! I pray that the results of the surgery will provide him with more physical comfort in the future. I'm sure he will be kidding around in no time! Thank you for keeping us all updated. God Bless, Ms. Shelley (OT- Plano ISD).

hbalegria said...

That is awesome!!!