Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From the brown house on the left...

We are HOME!!! Oh, I have my own computer, access to food, water, and beds. A real bed! (and other delicate unmentionables that this mommy sleeping in a chair beside her son had to hike down the hall for in the hospital!)

And best of all, my sweet boy is home. Free of all sundry of wires, tubes and monitors.

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you doesn't even come close to the gratitude we feel for your continued prayer cover.

While we are excited to be here -- we still have prayer needs. Benjamin will be on this road to recovery for a long time -- will you keep praying? We have a schedule for pain medication and hopefully that will keep it under control. But moving him is causing some discomfort and we need him to spend time out of bed for his continued lung improvement.

Now, I've re-read yesterday's blog and am wondering if ya'll think I was the one on pain medication? I have several excuses....first, I don't think very coherently without sleep and I've had very little sleep this week; second, my blogging efforts this week have been courtesy of Wade's work laptop and so only possible for the briefest of times and last night I was rushed (I certainly don't think clearly when I am rushed!) should I finish the story?!

I understand there has been lots of speculation about whether or not the REAL John Travolta called....and how that happened....

First, YES, it was really John Travolta (really!) The connection is complicated...Wade's partner, Dr. White recently met John through a mutual friend. Benjamin was questioning him about the meeting while waiting to go into surgery on Friday (Remember my movie-loving guy...and Hairspray was on the TV at the time!). So later in the weekend, when Dr. White spoke with his friend, he mentioned Benjamin and the friend arranged to make Benjamin's day with the surprise phone call!

Isn't that just cool?

Ya'll need to know though, that while the surprise celebrity encounter was so much fun, we also treasured our visits from dear friends here, cards, cookies and text messages! Benjamin especially loved reading the text messages!

Well, the three-year-old is needing some serious Mommy-time, Benjamin does too, and Claire and Mason are looking like they might like some as well. Ah, the blessing of being home.


Brenda said...

Glad to hear you are home and Benjamin is doing well :). Love the story about John Travolta. That is so cool for him! :) I told the kids about it and they were so excited for Benjamin. I love Making Memories - what a good one :). I will continue to pray.

Robyn said...

Tell Benjamin that Malenda is jealous. John Travolta is the love of her life....ha ha!!! Love reading your blog. Makes me feel like I am at your house.