Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Character Counts...

Or for the Shraders...we count characters! Truly, one of the thrills of Disney continues to be our interaction with the characters -- the wonder in Cate's eyes as she interacts is a delight to all of us, and then snappy comments Benjamin comes up with pertaining to each movie makes us giggle, Mason and Claire show restraint but only after years of hugging -- we really just have fun meeting our favorite "movie stars" up close and personal!

From Brother Bear -- Kenai and Koda at Storyteller's Cafe!

And this is Dale -- Cate was a little mystified by Chip and Dale. When they walked in she looked at me and said, "But Mommy, Chip and Dale are supposed to be tiny." Of course, I explained that they have to be bigger at Disney so that she can hug them...

Cate loves Tinker Bell -- I think her brothers are very sweet to stand in line to get into Pixie Hollow to meet her!

Mater and Lightning McQueen -- who wouldn't love that face?

Jessie and Benjamin -- we went to a new barbecue with Jessie, Woody and Bullseye from Toy Story 2 this trip. It was corny, and country, delicious and yummy....and just a ton of fun!

Cate loves Jessie (She was Jessie for Halloween last year!) and was delighted to pose with her!

Benjamin getting a hug from Woody!

Pluto is a Shrader fave -- we named our own dog after him for goodness sake. So we were tickled to meet him in ToonTown!

Donald has always been Mason's favorite -- which is funny because they act just alike!

And of course, because we never want to all started with this mouse -- MICKEY!!
Oh so much fun -- a blessing, right? And more tomorrow!