Monday, June 22, 2009

Still getting lessons from camp...

My 12-year-olds left for camp this morning. Without me.

They have been to camp before. Never without me.

As I sat with Cate after leaving them at the church (After prying myself away. Forcing myself into the car. Slowly driving out of the parking lot in case someone came running after me saying they NEEDED me at camp....), I had a serious talk with God.

As I poured out my heart, I realized this was a trust issue. And to be honest with you, I tend to start explaining myself to God whenever I am convicted about a trust issue. Today was no different. I reminded God that my boys have Cerebral Palsy and can't do some things for themselves. I needed to do them. God reminded me that my brother Len and the boys' leader, Scott, were not only well aware they were well-prepared to meet all the needs presented.

So, I moved on. But God, I am supposed to keep them safe. Last year at camp, I trusted you with their care...but I was there in case of any emergencies. I was there to keep them safe. I am always there.

And almost audibly, I heard God say, "NO, Carol, I AM always there. And this year is no different."


What a blessing to rest in the ever-presence of our creator, our savior, our friend, our great protector. And what a blessing for my trio to be at camp growing in their knowledge of our awesome God!