Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day 2009!!

I don't wear fancy clothes -- as a matter of fact most of my clothes are covered in various food product stains!

I don't have important conferences -- unless you count the amazing things I learn in the van driving to and from various activities...and of course, the things I learn in the restroom waiting for my toddler...

I don't have a big long title -- though I do hear my title over and over and over again in the course of a day (and sometimes well into the night).

I don't have get raises, bonuses, or promotions of any kind -- unless you count the one last week where I am loved more than Cinderella!

I am not making life-and-death decisions -- though sometimes the supper menu seems to affect my crew that way.

I don't carry a briefcase -- but my purse holds enough to cover almost any major crisis you can imagine!

No, I don't have a job outside of this house. But, I am a Mommy. And I think I have THE best job in the World!!

Happy Happy Mother's Day!!


Kristin Sidaway said...

Well said! And I must add, that you are great Mom!