Thursday, October 16, 2008

From the van...

Some of our best moments happen in the van. No surprise to all you mommies out there -- that is where we spend the bulk of our existence (and yes, darling hubby, that is why there is food everywhere in there...we spend the bulk of our existence...and that means mealtimes, too!).

This morning, two of my big kids were headed to school, while one is home recovering (hopefully) from a nasty bug that has knocked him flat this week. As they said their good morning prayers, they were both diligent in praying for their brother, and my sweet daughter added a prayer for my health as well, as I have been up two nights caring for my sick one....she was just wrapping this heartfelt prayer when from the car seat you hear a mystified, completely indignant, "Uh, Claire, Mommy doesn't GET sick!" As in, why would you pray about such a thing when it never happens!

Ah, thank you, Lord, for the innocence of two (almost three) and for sweet kiddos who care for each other -- and their Mommy to boot; (almost always!) AND for keeping this Mommy healthy when necessary -- an absolute blessing!