Saturday, September 27, 2008

Old McCate Had a Farm...

Yesterday was one of those days that are just pure joy for this mommy. By chance, I was reading the paper and saw that one of our local parks was having an "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" day for preschoolers. So with laundry sorted in piles, beds un-made, and dirty dishes on the counter, Cate and I donned her overalls as quickly as we could, gathered our friend, little Claire (so as not to confuse her with our sister! ha) and headed to the park! Granted, the morning would have been even more enjoyable if the temperatures had been below 106...BUT, we had a blast nonetheless!

Cate liked the corn...she kept smelling it to see if she recognized the scent. And admittedly, had to be bribed to smile for this picture (can you tell?!).

This picture was sentimental for Mommy -- I was able to get a picture of the triplets on the old tractor at my grandparents' farm years ago. My grandparents have since gone to their heavenly reward...and who knows what happened to the tractor. So, I was delighted to see this old tractor where I could get a picture of sweet Cate to match the one of her siblings!!

Cate wanted to see animals -- please! She stuck her head in every crook and crevice to find some. Unfortunately, there were no animals in this stall -- but she did excitedly tell me that she saw a glove!! Oh, to be two!!

The sun was getting the best of us...but my little pink-cheeked girl and her dirty knees were sad to call it a day. I have promised that we will try and find another farm soon -- preferably one with more animals (she only saw chickens, a rooster, and two baby calves here -- where were the horses, pigs, sheep and bunnies, Mommy?!)

Some of life's best blessings are found in being spontaneous -- and nothing is sweeter than seizing the moment with our children!! E-I-E-I-O!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

What a delicious treat - Cate and a farm and a tractor and pink cheeks and a GLOVE! To be sure, she must see more farms and more animals! Give her kisses from her Aunt Debi!

Robyn said...

Oh how sweet!!! Give your family a big hug from me. We miss you all!! Love, Robyn