Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action...

Benjamin, Mason and Claire were interviewed on Friday for a short clip to be aired at our church in a few weeks. The children's pastor was off-camera interviewing them and they were quite full of themselves as they answered!
Of course, my little hams, loved being in the spotlight. Of course they did. But many of the questions required them to be serious in their replies. And they did a beautiful job -- if I can say so myself -- as the totally unobjectional Mommy!
And then of course, was the fourth ham in the house -- Baby Cate. She figured out that the little camcorder next to us was running (just for extra shots) and decided to "work" it! We'll see if her expertise helped or hindered in a few weeks!
What a blessing to mother these amazing kids -- their hearts are as big as the sky and their love of Jesus shines!!