Thursday, July 17, 2008

God-sent friends

We had lovely visitors this weekend...Julia Brooks and her daughter, Lisa. Julia was the boys' physical therapist in Texas the year we lived in Dallas. But she was oh-so-much more than that!
Don't you love it when God places people in your lives that He knows you need even before you know it? Julia is one of those people.

I have always been especially close to the therapists who work with the boys. There are many reasons for this -- from my overwhelming gratitude to my need to love them because they are so intimately connected to our family, but probably most of all because God has given us amazing therapists who teach me about what my guys CAN do rather than focus on what they can't. Julia was all that and more!

And then when we found out we were expecting again, (Cate wouldn't stop long enough to have her picture taken with us!) there was so much excitement but the doctors were a bit concerned as well. Tests needed to be done that would mean I couldn't lift the boys for a week. School was out and we had no family in Dallas. Julia came. She stayed with us and took care of the physical demands that my body couldn't. She went way beyond just being our therapist!

Her sweet daughter, Lisa, (who babysat the kids in Dallas!) is in Phoenix working this summer at a home for young moms who need love. I know she is the perfect person to love these girls with the arms of Jesus -- just like her Mom did us! And we were thrilled that when Julia came to visit Lisa this weekend, they took time for the Shrader crew! What a blessing!!