Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'll take a bagel, coffee and a slower pace, please!

Life can go at such a pace -- it's a cliche and yet, as my kids have reached school age, I realize it like never before. We rush to school, rush to do homework, rush to cook/eat/cleanup supper and then it is bedtime...and a rush to make sure everyone is in bed and prepared for the next day of all this! It was particularly hectic this year with the big kids in 5th grade and Cate and I navigating the waters of two! So summer has brought a sweet reprieve from the rush (though not from being two -- we are now in throes of potty-training, but that is another post!). We are enjoying lazy days and time spent together and we kicked that off with our sweet trip to California. We started the trip with a stop at my favorite restaurant from our days in Rochester -- Panera Bread. I used to "escape" from the rush of three three-year-olds and grab a cup of coffee and bagel there and read my favorite books, while the triplets were in preschool. Wade thought it would be a nice way to begin our vacation -- and man, was he right! We all enjoyed the wonderful, Cinnamon Crunch bagels with Hazelnut cream cheese (oh my mouth is watering) and savoring my cup of coffee was just what I needed to slow my pace and get in relax-mode! So here's to a great cup of coffee and slowing down to enjoy life's richest blessings -- family, friends and of course, a good bagel and great coffee!!


Mardi said...

Hi Carol! Glad to hear from you! In response to your question, Bailey is a cockapoo (cocker poodle mix). She is the sweetest dog ever :)

Glad to see you had fun at Disneyland or was it World? We're going to Disneyland in July and can't wait! ;)

I'm with you on the slowing down bit. I am going to try really hard to keep my life slower paced even after this vacation. I return to work tomorrow, so the real test will come then. :)

Enjoy the summer!

Kayla said...

Now thats a bagel! How was your trip? We haven't really gone anywhere this summer. I've got alot of leadership programs I'm active in, and soon I'm getting braces!


Mardi said...

Hi Carol,

I knew your husband was a physician, but I didn't realize Orthopedics was his specialty! We were referred to Dr. Mallik at the "Core Institute". I'm hoping it heals well and we don't need a surgeon, but if we do you will be the first to know! ;)



Mardi said...

OH..and one more comment...I know your a java lover like me. Have you been to the new Java Grounds on 83rd and Deer Valley? Its next to Sonic. mmmm.... ;)

Mardi said...

Hi Carol!

Sorry I didnt' get back to you sooner. I started school this week and the start up is always a little hectic. :)

Yes, I would love to get together for coffee! What days are good for you?

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