Wednesday, June 4, 2008

40 Years of Magic!

We're home from our best Disney trip in years! The kids (with Daddy's help, of course!) planned a birthday trip for me -- complete with matching t-shirts and my mother (and dear brother, too!)! It was wonderful -- the kids were absolute angels, mother loved her first Disney trip ever, and we had the time of our lives!! Made it hard to leave!! (And we know that Len is secretly hoping to always wear matching clothes! ha)

Everybody (except the Mommy photographer) with Goofy! Grammie particularly enjoyed his "blue" outfit -- her favorite color!!

Cate wanted to meet Ariel...we waited in line for this shot and then were afraid she was going to be too teased to go meet her..but she did and even her brothers were willing to join in for a family picture!!

We almost missed Minnie but then found her in her vacation garb in California Adventure!

The Shraders with Pluto -- not our Pluto, mind you, but the one our's is named for!! Check out the hug he received from Baby Cate!!

What a wonderful way to celebrate years! I am so blessed to be the wife to my wonderful Wade, mommy to my amazing four, and daughter, sister, and friend! I wasn't sure how I would feel about this birthday....but rest assured, it was like all the rest -- a wonderful celebration with my family that included my favorite meal -- cake and ice cream -- and a wonderful trip to our happy place! So many blessings, ya'll!!


Anonymous said...

Carol, Ms. Julia Brooks shared your blog site with me and I just love seeing how wonderful you all are doing...gosh, they are all so grown up..and baby Cate, wow! You are such an inspiration to many...Take care, Ms. Shelley (OT- Plano ISD)PS...Please tell all hello for me.