Monday, May 5, 2008

Pure Joy!

In an age where everything is techno-something or was pure joy yesterday to watch Cate discover the wonder of bubbles! She likes to chase them -- when Daddy or Mommy are blowing -- and she loves to blow them herself! (She's even discovered that once she has enough on her lips she can "blow" without the wand -- not sure how good that is for her tummy! ha)

She is already at it again this morning, and I am being summoned to join her! So today my blessing counting is oh-so-easy -- I am ever grateful for the joys of bubbles, of the new fun Cate is having and of the memories it evokes of bubble-blowing days with the trio!! So grab some bubbles my friends, and have at it!!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I'm sooooo far behind! Expect an e-mail soon, dear friend! Lovely post about Cate and the bubbles. Long Live Low Tech! xoxo - Debi